Alcohol Education Program

Student Education Program

An impactful presentation on alcohol harm minimisation, the aim of the student program is to engage adolescents in considering the risks and effects of underage binge drinking. The program is suitable for delivery to years 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Creative and interactive, the program offers students education, strategies and skills for alcohol avoidance and harm minimisation. These presentations are relevant to the developmental age and typical behaviours of students we are presenting to..

The Program was developed in conjunction with experts in the field and based on research in the area. Teachers were also consulted regarding the curriculum delivery of the materials.


Alcohol Education Presenters (pdf)


Parent Awareness Program

Committed to helping address the concerns of parents, we are offering a parent seminar that presents the latest research, statistics and advice relating to adolescents and alcohol, with an opportunity for parents to voice their concerns, be heard and question experienced advisors. Call us today to enquire about funding for your school's parent community.


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