Graffiti Education® Program

The Graffiti Education® Awareness Program was developed in 2002. Strategically developed to deter youth from travelling down the graffiti path, the program challenges the thinking of children and adolescents during a time in their life when they are experimenting, forming attitudes and beliefs and being influenced.

Funded predominantly by local governments and delivered through schools, the benefits of the program have been continually assessed, resulting in wide spread reductions of graffiti and vandalism in schools and within communities.

It has attracted a wealth of interest from organisations in Australia and abroad searching for an effective preventative approach to graffiti.



The core of the Program is an entertaining and interactive live journey of awareness with a trained actor as presenter. The Program is delivered using age appropriate information and reinforcement material that engages the students in discussion on the social and criminal aspects and impacts of graffiti, in particular tagging.


The Graffiti Education® Program is a licensed program and can be tailored to community needs, providing links with localised stakeholders.

Many local governments are funding the program in all primary and secondary schools in their area as a community wide response to minimise graffiti.

The investment includes a one-off cost for program tailoring and set-up, and a per program delivery rate commensurate with the number of schools and students involved.


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