“The Graffiti Education Program has been an innovative and key feature in Casey’s Graffiti Management program. It is instrumental in instilling a sense of community pride and social responsibility in all students and encourages a negative attitude towards graffiti vandalism.”

Jennie Lee, Director Community Services, City of Casey


“This was an excellent presentation. Xavier was a most effective communicator. I’d certainly like the presentation to be seen by other schools and for Manningham to keep up its involvement in this program.”

Councillor Meg Downie, Manningham Council


“A superb way of getting the message out there to reduce the graffiti - it’s all encompassing. It makes sense to introduce it as a community wide program. You engage the kids using comedy to get message out about making good choices. I would recommend this program to other councils.”

Mayor Terry Avery, Yarra Ranges Shire Council


“We introduced this program because if we can stop three kids from doing graffiti we can stop thousands and thousands of dollars of damage around the shire. It is a good method of getting to students with early intervention.”

Police Sgt, Yarra Ranges Shire Council


“The education program is a key component in reducing the need for removal. The program is funded entirely by Council and addresses some of the root causes of graffiti vandalism including self-esteem and peer pressure. Expenditure on graffiti removal over the past 5 years shows that the emphasis on these three key areas is having a combined overall impact on the levels of graffiti in Penrith. Graffiti removal costs have been trending between $500,000 – 600,000 per year over the past 4 years where there has been an overall reduction in removal costs since the graffiti minimisation strategy commenced. The first years of the program saw removal costs of approximately $800-$900,000 per year. ”

Mayor Ross Fowler, Penrith City Council

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